Halal Meat Stores

Now we all have to understand that halal meat stores are the stores who are just trying to make the living by selling the meat for the sake of few extra dollars, many of the stores are buying the meat from either machine cut suppliers or sell under the name of halal or the stunned meat suppliers or the suppliers selling the stunned meat as halal meat. So, halal meat stores are in a way selling this meat to the largest Muslim population because everybody is going to halal stores to get the meat.

Now, how to approach these halal stores is to ask them to bring non-stunned hand zabiha halal meat. So, they can talk to the distributor, distributor to talk to the main producer to give them the hand zabiha halal meat. In a way these are the weakest people in the chain who are barely making the living, but these are the very important people who could change the course of our supply chain.

The major polluters are the big farmers or the big producers who are getting these halal certificates from a corrupt organization or a corrupt person and polluting the Muslim food chain by selling stunned meat or machine cut meat as halal meat so that to change this course we have to create awareness to Muslim consumers and make sure the supply chain stays pure and purely halal.

Many of these biggest polluters have halal certificates from organizations. They are selling billions, and our brothers are selling beer and wine in the corner stores and many non-Muslims are getting into halal meat business because they can buy any meat (machine cut or stunned meat) for dirt cheap and selling very high in the name of halal. Hence, Muslim consumers have paid very high price in the name of halal.