Why Non-Muslims getting into Halal meat business

Anyone who starts the business wants to make more profit. As Halal meat is costly over the non-Halal meats, these businesses sell non halal meats with paid certificate and showcase as Halal meats. For example; Machine cut non halal chickens’ costs $0.5 to $1.0 per pound, with these fake Halal certifications they sell the chicken at $3.75 per pound. Similar is the case for all meat products like lamb, goat, beef, turkey, etc. We know that machine cut and machine processed meats are cheaper than non-stunned Hand Zabiha. For example; stunned machine cut beef costs $3.5 to $4.50 per pound whereas non stunned Hand zabiha halal meat will be $6.5 to $8.5 per pound. In case of lamb, it is $4 per pound for stunned machine cut and $10 to $12 per pound for hand zabiha halal lamb. In terms of goat, it is $5 per pound for stunned machine cut and $13 to $15 per pound for hand zabiha halal mutton.

Thats why Halal certified meats which are available in restaurant depo, jetro, costco, walmart are not really Halal as these meats are done by stunning the animal and sacrifice the animal using machine without following the process and rules of zabiha halal.

Now you can understand why business people get fake certificates and make their top profits and enter into this industry and spoil the Halal food chain. Due to these insane high margins, many Muslims are also doing this kind of business. But you as a consumer paying top dollar for it. The non stunned machine cut is also sold at higher price with these certificates that are not real.