Our Mission

To create Awareness about Halal meats. To make sure that all Muslims understand what is Halal and avoid eating Haram.

None of the Muslims should be deceived by selling non halal machine cut and stunned by shock or by gas or any non-Halal meats in the name of Halal. As Muslims pay Top Dollars for the Halal meats and food products, they must get the 100% hand Zabiha non-Stunned Halal meats and Food.

They should truly receive non stunned hand zabiha by healthy and wholesome meats for the price they pay for Halal meats. Due to pollution by certificate issuers, our community is getting worst quality, unhealthy meat products for the top dollars that they pay.

we should get what we pay for!

Distinguishing between Halal and Haram is the part of our Imaan; We must be very responsible about choosing Halal over Haram. We must choose the products which are pure and Halal Without any doubt.

We should use the meats and products which are clear of any doubts. For example: Machine cut meat and stunned meats come under Haram and doubtful in the view of many scholars. We must be away from these kinds of products even if they have certificates. It's our responsibility to find products that are made in Halal way and packaged; do not believe just on certificates even issued by Muslim organizations as most of them are paid services.

We must choose hand zabiha non stunned meats which will in-turn protect our food chain and it will drive away those big organizations who are polluting the Halal food chain with paid certificates.

We urge you to join our mission and protect our food chain by providing high quality Halal and wholesome food to the community. Please do print our brochure and circulate to our community and spread the message to everyone. It is very important that the new generation understands the method of what is called Halal and what is Haram. Every Muslim is responsible to spread the message of Allah to his near and dear ones.